iTrain is a comprehensive training management system that is totally integrated with other related products such as iPerformance, iContract, iCareer, iSuccession, iCompetency. The basis for the iTrain model is that an employee is trained to develop certain lacking skills or knowledge which are required to conduct a specific job, either already assigned to the employee or to be assigned to him/her in the future. The training business process workflow that is supported by iTrain is based on the Gap Analysis Model, whereby an employee is assigned or to be assigned to a job, the job requires specific skills and knowledge proficiency level. The employee is assessed to determine his/her skills and knowledge proficiency level as they pertain to the job. The employee skills and knowledge level are compared to the job requirements, and then the Gap is determined. Once the Gap is determined, then we know what training courses that the employee needs to take in order to meet the job’s skills and knowledge requirements. Once the training courses required by the employee are defined, then we develop the Training Plan for the employee in view of his time availability. The training courses are then scheduled, and the employee registers in the training, after which a post training assessment of the employee is conducted, and a Gap is derived again, and the training plan is updated. Training plans can be initiated by the employee and reviewed/approved by the supervisor.  Training courses can be requested online through self-service and the application will track detailed training history of all employees.