The Training Evaluation module is designed to allow the user to define its own set of sections, question subjects within each section and any number of questions within these question subjects.  This framework is entirely configurable and all content can be setup as per the user’s need.  These sections, question subjects and questions will be used to evaluate the training, the trainer, the training institute, the trainee and any other issue to be evaluated.  Users can provide their feedback through self-service and can do so either using open text feedback, multiple-choice / radio buttons or by scoring the questions. 

Questions can have their own importance level and a separate approval workflow is available to have supervisors, managers and trainers approve the evaluation as required based on the choice of workflow.  Any number of user defined default Training Evaluation Actions can be setup which can be chosen by the user as a result of the evaluation, for example, users can choose to recommend “Repeat Training with Same Instructor” or  “Repeat Training with Different Instructor” etc. Powerful reporting is available to ensure that all feedback is properly captured, reported on and can be used for decision making about future training engagements and planning.