The Time Management module which allows for creating Work Calendars, defining of standard Work Hours and Overtime Rules.  Timesheets can be uploaded from XLS or CSV formats, entered manually, imported from Biometric Devices or loaded from Third Party applications. 

There are countless types of standard Timesheets which can be used and many of these Time Sheets can be configured as per the Client’s needs.  The module supports many different types of Timesheets, including the following:

  • Summary Timesheet
  • Labor Distribution Timesheets with Activities and or WBS codes
  • Labor Distribution Timesheets without Activities
  • Timesheets with Leave Hours
  • Project Based Labor Distribution Timesheet
  • Batch Automatic Timesheet
  • Day Batch Timesheet
  • Pay Period Timesheet
  • Weekly Leave and Timesheet
  • Client Timesheet
  • Loaded Batch Timesheet Activity Based
  • Functional Timesheets

Timesheets can be reviewed, edited and approved by Supervisors and Organization Unit (Project or Department Heads) before they are posted to the Payroll.  Timesheets can also be viewed by Employees.  Any changes/edits made to the Timesheet will be recorded in an audit trail showing who made which change and when the change was made. 

Timesheets with Clock In and Clock Out transactions are displayed with any exceptions highlighted in color (missing transactions, duplicate transactions, transactions on lave or rest days etc.).

Supervisors and Managers will be able to login through their Self Service and approve or review various Timesheet formats and see even underlying raw data for clock in and clock out transactions, these include the following:

  • Employee Time Cards
  • Activity Based In Out Timesheets
  • Time Card Summary
  • Time Card Detail
  • Project Based Timesheet
  • Manual Timesheet Entry
  • Timesheet Editor

Using powerful workflow, the application manages the review and approval of all timesheets from the initial point of loading through the entire approval process and final posting to the payroll.

In order to handle erroneous transactions discovered in already processed previous timesheets, handle any changes identified after completion of the payroll or changes which take place after the payroll cutoff date, the application has a number of powerful additional timesheet tools which automate the detail work of comparing and correcting previous timesheets and calculating the impact of these corrections on the current pay period:

  • Previous Pay Period Absent Hours Adjustment
  • Previous Pay Period Adjustment Timesheet
  • Previous Pay Period Adjustment Timesheet In & Out Transactions
  • Previous Pay Period Adjustment Timesheet Weekly
  • Previous Pay Period Timesheet Adjustment Overtime Labor Distribution
  • Revised Past Timesheet