Interact HRMS© Resources Scheduling (iSchedule) is a very comprehensive enterprise employee and other resources Schedule Management System that is fully integrated with Interact HRMS©’s Time and Leave Management and Compensation and Payroll systems, and with Employee and Organization Self-Service. It uses the same underlying Web technology and Architecture used by all Interact HRMS© applications. iSchedule not only allows the scheduling of employees, but it also supports the scheduling of other resources such as equipment.  This allows the user for example to schedule transportation buses, schedule the use of a production machine, schedule the use of a specific facility, etc. It supports definition of 24/7 shifts with rotating shifts.  You can define clients, locations, equipment, projects, activities and teams and schedule your employees using self-service to ensure they are assigned to the correct shifts.  Integration with holiday calendar, leave management, time and attendance and biometric clocks makes sure that all rules are complied with in case of collective bargaining agreements.  Supports the managing of statutory holidays for 24/7 shift workers.

Powerful and easy-to-use Shift Planner shows which employees will be working which shift.  The Shift Planner is available at the Employee Self Service level also so both Employee and Supervisor can see which Shift an Employee scheduled on.  Changes can be made on the fly for a specific day or an entire period by simply selecting another Shift for the Employee.

General Features:

  • Define any number of 24/7 shift pattern types or select from 65 pre-defined industry wide patterns types
  • Define Grace Time that is specific by Day for a particular Shift
  • Setup Shift Constraints including:  Allow Assigning of the Shift once per Month only, Require Pre-Approval for Overtime on the Shift, Limit the Overtime on a Shift to a Number of Hours
  • Define a Specific Billing Rate for a Particular Shift
  • Define Position Requirements and Teams Required for a Specific Shift
  • Create any number of 24/7 shift patterns based on the selected type
  • Create Clients for Scheduling so employees can be scheduled for a specific Client
  • Link Clients with Projects, Teams, Shifts, Employees, Work Schedules and Risks
  • Create Locations for Scheduling so employees can be Scheduled for a specific location
  • Define Equipment for Scheduling so employees can be Scheduled to use specific Equipment
  • Track Details for Equipment including Model, Purchase Date, Service Date details, Hourly Billing Rate, Transport Capacity (in case the equipment is a vehicle or bus), Operation Hours
  • Define Projects, Contracts and Work Orders so Employees can be scheduled to work based on Position Requirements for each
  • Easily assign Employees to their Work Schedule manually through Drag & Drop based on the Position Requirements of a particular Shift
  • Create Teams of Employees who will work together as per the same Shift Pattern, share Holiday Calendar and Equipment.
  • Allow the Resource Scheduling to create the Work Schedule based on the Shift Pattern assigned to the Team to which an Employee belongs