Leave Management allows the user to create any number of Leave Policies, link them to Leave Earnings, and associate them with specific Employee Groups.  Leave/PTO/Vacation time can then be requested through Employee Self-Service and approved by Supervisors.  Leave Accrual rules can be defined as per the Employer’s needs.  Employees will be able to see the balance of Leave available to them on their Self Service page.  Leave policies can be setup with different Approval workflows depending on the type of Leave.

Interact HRMS Leave Management is very powerful in defining Leave policies as the same application is used in more than 30 countries around the world and can support Leave rules in any country as a result.

Leave Management is seamlessly integrated with Payroll Management & Employee Self Service but also with Resources Scheduling and Time Clock management so that clock transactions on an approved leave day are highlighted as exceptions and missing transactions on approved leave days are ignored since the Employee is not expected to Clock In or Out on that day.

General Features:

  • Define any number of leave policies, each with its own name and code
  • Associate leave policies with employee group for inheritance upon hiring
  • Define maximum number of times an employee is entitled to a specific leave
  • Track leave in hours or days
  • Define paid and unpaid leave policies
  • Allow or do not allow  holiday bridging
  • Allow or do not allow weekend bridging
  • Define maximum leave carry over to next year in days or hours
  • Define if carry over must be taken with a specific timeframe
  • Define rules for forfeiting or transferring leave balance in case of inability to carry over
  • Define maximum hours or days for a particular leave request
  • Define whether leave can be requested through self service
  • Define whether leave should be displayed in leave planner
  • Define whether leave request must be controlled by approved leave schedule
  • Allow advance leave whereby employee can take leave even if employee does not have enough accrued balance yet
  • Determine if supporting document is mandatory in case of a defined number of hours or days requested
  • Define Accrual Frequency as either Monthly or per Pay Period
  • Define Accrual Method as Fixed or Percentage Based
  • Define if Leave balance can be paid / encashed
  • Define if Pay In Lieu of Leave is allowed
  • Define if Accrual is based on Rate Table using either standard method, seniority or grade
  • Restrict leave policy based on gender
  • Setup Leave Plans
  • Create Leave Letters based on Templates
  • Create Flex Leave Policies
  • Use FMLA Leave
  • Create Leave Earnings linked with their Leave Policy and then track exact cost of Leave in the company for each employee, employee group, organization unit etc.