In addition to the regular performance review process which falls under performance planning,  employees and supervisors can also follow a progress reporting process whereby employees provide regular updates throughout the year.  The progress reporting is done within a framework which allows the user to define a list of Progress Activity Types, Piecework Units and Piecework Units of Measure.   Within this framework, employees can report progress on any activity, and indicate what has been achieved for each Piecework Unit type based on its Unit of Measure.

Employees can report daily, weekly, monthly or any time they feel it is useful to do so against a specific action plan and these reports can be linked with specific clients, projects or organization units.  The entire framework is flexible whereby e.g. salespeople can report on sales, consultants can report on projects and billable hours, and hourly employees on the shopfloor can report on items produced or piecework completed.

Progress reports are available for the supervisor to see and for anyone else who should be authorized to have access.