Position Budgeting and Control is an Interact HRMS application that supports Position Budget and Control within any organization.

The functionality provided by Position Budgeting and Control will enable those organizations that manage manpower based on a specific Position Budget/Manpower Plan to streamline the position budgeting and reporting process.

Under the Position Budgeting Model a Department (Organization Unit) in an organization cannot hire an employee unless there is a vacant Position in its budget.

The position budget is decided/prepared at the beginning of each Fiscal Year by having the Organization Unit Heads fill in Position Worksheets which are then consolidated by the system for Review and Approval by Finance and HR. 

Once the Position Budget of an Organization Unit is approved, the Position Slots can be created and routed for Approval. 

Position Slots can be defined with all Compensation elements including Earnings, Allowances, Benefits, Deductions, Bonuses, Commissions and Expenses. 

Following the creation of Position Slots, the Organization Units can issue Requisitions against their Budget using the approved Position Slots.

The module consists of two major components (subsystems), the first is pertinent to “Position Budgeting” or “Manpower Planning”, and the second is relevant to “Position Control”. 

Comprehensive features are available to handle changes in the Position Budget.  Position Budgeting can also be configured to track the Grade and Step for each position and to use a Financial Budget for the same position which is the result of the Grade Step matrix that is defined.

General Features

  • Best practice position budgeting cycle including Fiscal Year based position budget worksheet, review of position budget, then approval.
  • Position classification definition by position slot using multiple position control numbers as required.
  • 4 – Dimensional Salary Grade-Step Matrix definition including grade, step, education, and years of experience, in support of salary definition.
  • Automatic inheritance of the Job Classification information when defining each position, using grade, education and experience requirements defined in the Job Classification.
  • Position based recruitment to control the recruitment process against vacant budgeted positions.
  • Position based Hiring and Contract Management to control the hiring.
  • Position budget flag, once set, the position budget control will be initiated for the organization unit. Thus all recruitment and hiring will be controlled by the position budget of the organization unit while on the other hand some units can be setup to have open hiring that is not driven by a position budget.
  • Processing against vacant budgeted positions.
  • Position budgeting at the organization unit level and consolidation at the employer level.
  • Tracking the status of each position/position slot including assigned, vacant, allocated, and on-hold positions
  • Position Budget Vs Actual Manpower Cost Analysis.
  • Eliminate Vacant Positions
  • Transfer Vacant Position from one Organization Unit’s budget to another
  • Change  Position Attributes, including Position Compensation Budget, Funding Source, Position FE, Extend Position Vacancy or Make a Position Permanent
  • Fully integrated with all other Interact HRMS applications.