Policy Publishing allows the Company to define Company Policies and publish them to their Employees based on the applicability of the Policy to a particular Employee Group, Job Category, Job Class or Job Group.  Employees can read the Policy through their Self-Service and acknowledge that they have read the Policy.  The HR Department can run reports on who has and who has not yet acknowledged reading a new Policy.  Policies can be categorized as HR Policy, IT Policy, General Policy, etc., and any changes to Policies can be tracked too so that the history of Policies and their updated Versions is clear and documented.

The structure and framework of Policies is fully configurable, and this framework includes the following attributes:

  • Policy Number
  • Policy Name
  • Organization Unit
  • Version
  • Type
  • Created Date
  • Version Date
  • Effective Date
  • Status
  • Purpose
  • Conditions
  • Description
  • Document File Name
  • Policy Text
  • User Defined attributes