The Payroll Wizard is a powerful module designed to make running the payroll even easier in Interact HRMS.  All key steps in the Payroll process can be included or excluded depending on the specific needs and processes of the organization’s payroll.  Once configured, the user will no longer have to remember which steps to follow or which menu to choose and most importantly will not be able to forget a critical step which may impact the outcome of the payroll.  Using the Payroll Wizard, Interact HRMS will automatically inform the user which step needs to be conducted next, and will launch the appropriate screens for each step at the click of the “Next” button every time the current step is completed.

This module is particularly useful for organizations who have very clear and standardized payroll processes and large data volumes or different pay cycles which may cause an inexperienced payroll officer to forget one step and e.g. forget to load overtime data or other exceptions before.

Through the use of the Payroll Wizard, it will be easier for you to introduce new users to the system and your payroll process will be driven by the system’s rules and less prone to human error.