Passport and Visa Tracking allows you to define the types of Passports and Visas which you need to track for your staff.  Run reports and receive alerts regarding expiry of these documents, keep a scanned copy on file of each document and allow Employees to apply for Exit/Entry visas in countries where this is applicable.  You can track multiple passports for employees who have more than one nationality and you will be able to attach 10 scanned pages of each passport. 

You can track the current location of the passport in case it is with a specific department for administrative reasons.

In addition, you can define any number and type of Visas, define the renewal process for visas and ensure the employer is aware of any Work Permits/Visas of their employees which may be expiring in the future.  All expiry date information can be produced in reports and exported to Excel, Word, PDF. Etc. 

Using the comprehensive access control capabilities of Interact HRMS, a specific user can be setup to have only access to Visa or Passport information of a specific Employee Group or Organization Unit but not access other information due to confidentiality reasons.