Onboarding Management enables Interact HRMS to create Onboarding Plans with different Activities for each Onboarding Stage and issue Onboarding requests automatically upon the hiring of a new Employee.    Different Onboarding Stages can be defined for Before First Day, First Day, First Week, First 90 Days, etc., and for each stage a set of Activities will be defined and assigned to Onboarding Officers who can be Process Owners and/or Process Champions.   The objective is to facilitate the Onboarding of Employees, to ensure they can be productive more quickly because everything has been arranged in advance and on time for them to be able to start on the job.  Onboarding Requests include Security Clearance, Medical Exam, Asset Assignment, Application User ID, Uniform, Business Cards, etc.

Onboarding is directly integrated with Employee Self Service and Applicant Self Service using Workflow and Alerts to ensure that those assigned a Task will be notified in advance and Applicants can also access Onboarding information prior to their first day at work.

Onboarding Management is a highly configurable application which allows for the user to define a framework with any number of Onboarding Activity Types, Document Types, Form Types, Uniform Types, Office Types, etc., and once this framework has been created for each Type the user can create any number of Activities, Documents, Forms, Uniforms, Office Spaces, but also Non Disclosure Agreements, Union Agreements, etc.

As the Onboarding Process takes place, both new hires and employees involved in the onboarding process can provide feedback and comments/scoring on each Onboarding Activity and can track the Progress of the Onboarding Plan.

Performance Evaluations can be part of the Onboarding Process with a range of Appraisals that include Before First Day Appraisal, First Day Appraisal, First Week Appraisal, First 90 Days Appraisal, etc.