Depending on the regulations and practices in a country, Indemnity Payments can be made to employees to cover medical expenses, legal expenses, employment termination (severance pay) or to indemnify the employee against other expenses.  Interact’s Indemnity Payment module enables the user to define the rules and conditions under which indemnity can be paid to employees, ensure that proper provisions are accrued for and booked in the GL.  The amount of indemnity can be a discretionary flat amount or can be calculated using a formula or expression whereby the indemnity is linked to a particular benefit policy using specific parameters (i.e. last annual salary, number of years of seniority, etc).  Once the specific event occurs which triggers the payment of indemnity, Interact will allow the user to include the indemnity in the correct payroll run and generate the relevant bank files and GL entries to process the payment of the indemnity.  Powerful reports and audit trails will be available for verification once the appropriate users have approved the payment of the indemnity.