Employee Self-Service is the core of Interact HRMS and the main reason for improving efficiency for all users and the HR department in particular.  Employee Self Service (ESS) allows Employees to process Requests for Leave, Training, Loan, Letters, and much more.  Employees can also Inquire about their Salary, Vacation/Leave balance, Benefits.  They can enroll in Benefit Plans, fill in Electronic Forms, print Pay Slips, and update their own Employee Profile.  Employees can also play roles in other HR Activities, like Performance Management, Recruitment and more.  Employees and Managers can view various Timesheets, see their Attendance Records and request Overtime in case Pre-Approval is required.  Employees can edit their Timesheet in case there were missing or incorrect transactions, and all edits will be highlighted and shown on the record for the authorized users to approve if required.  In the Self-Service employees can also Clock In and Out online using the Software Clock.