With Interact HRMS already providing comprehensive Onboarding solutions as well as Time Attendance and Access Control solutions, with Employee Badge Printing users can now also leverage a powerful module that connects the two processes.  Once an Employee has been hired and the Onboarding process has started, you will be able to automatically issue badges straight from the application without having to use another software to drive your badge printer.  You will be able to design the layout of your badges, determine what data you would like to display on the employee badge, including employee picture, name, ID, title, office location, phone, fax, company name, company logo, hire date and much more. 

Different badge design formats can be created to support different requirements based on company, location or employee group.  Direct integration with a badge printer is supported so there is no need for importing, exporting or any other data-entry. 

Badges which are printed on the appropriate Proximity, Mifare or HID cards can immediately be activated using the Time, Attendance and Access Control application which will enable you to define access rights for employees in different buildings and straight away activate the access at all appropriate access control devices with a single update, regardless of how many devices are deployed.