A multi-tier based competency management system that enables the organization to define the desired competencies model that is used to define competencies using up to 9 tiers, from general competencies to specific occupation and job competencies. Once defined the Competencies are used to conduct Job Competencies Analysis to identify the competencies required for each job. The competency profile of the Job will contain the Competency, the Proficiency Level, the Importance Scale, the Urgency Scale and the Value Scale of each Competency.  This way the organization can distinguish between urgent and less urgent competencies in a job profile as well as understand which competencies are most valuable and most important to the organization. 

Employees can be evaluated on their Competencies and then a Gap Analysis will be available showing which Competencies are missing or which ones are not at the required proficiency level.  The database of Competency Evaluations can then be queried by the user to do Best Fit searches and Match Job searches which will allow the user to search the entire organization’s employee database and associated competency data to find those employees who have been confirmed to possess the correct competencies based on a profile created by the user (Best Fit) or based on a predefined Job Profile (Match Job). 

Employees who are identified through the Best Fit or Match Job analysis can then be shortlisted and saved onto the Competency Workbench.  This Competency Workbench allows the user to work with the shortlisted and High Potential employees and create a career plan, conduct further evaluation, create a succession plan or training plan in order for the employee to further develop certain specific competencies.

Through the integration with the Training Management module, the application will suggest which training is appropriate to help an employee further develop a particular competency which the employee is deemed to be lacking in as a result of the employee competency evaluation.

The competencies management is seamlessly integrated with job classification, career planning, training management, performance appraisal, and succession planning.