Interact HRMS Career Planning is designed to support Career Planning over a 6 year period.  For this period the user can define an employee’s individual goals, objectives and activities.  Each goal can have an unlimited number of objectives and each objective can have an unlimited number of activities.  The goals, objectives and activities can be presented on a Gantt chart and will be setup with a planned start and planned end date.  The completion of each activity, objective and goal can be tracked with detailed comments and completion percentage.  Career Plans can be set up for different purposes, including to build competencies, achieve certification, prepare an employee for succession, prepare an employee for a new job, develop skills/knowledge, or any other purpose.  Career Planning is linked with all other modules in Interact HRMS which relate to Talent Management so that training courses, competencies, goals etc can all be linked up as required.

Employees will be assessed based on their achievement against their Career Plan and will have input and feedback through the Self Service portal on the progress against their Plan.