The Background Screening module enables the Organization to setup a standard Background Screening framework and associated Policies that support the Organization’s requirements.  It includes background checks for name change, address history, education, certification, previous employment, driver’s license history and infractions, criminal record, credit history, and more.   The application provides flexible management of background check service providers and is fully integrated with external background check systems and applications through HR-XML.  Background Screening supports both background screening for new applicants as well as for existing Employees.  The process is Workflow based, where the Applicant/Employee completes a Background Check Authorization Form using Self Service and the HR Officer prepares a Request for Background Screening and includes the required background checks that need to be conducted.  The request is then automatically sent to the selected provider through an HR-XML message or an email or using the provider’s application API.  Once the screening is completed, the system will automatically receive the background check report from the Background Check application and will store and forward the report to the concerned HR Officer(s) for action.